Quick scheduling and real-time dispatching are essential keys in the day to day operations of a NEMT business. They enable you to schedule all rides in the shortest time, optimize it, which results in more revenue per one trip. TransitExec scheduling and dispatching software provides all the tools you need to optimize your routes, save gas and money.

  • Live scheduling using calendar functions

  • Ability to easily and quickly set up trips from pick up to drop off

  • Automatic client and driver look-up feature

  • Ability to create templates for recurring trips

  • Assign runs based on available drivers and vehicles

Client Management

Easily access critical customer data including key contacts, ride history, and more quickly and easily with TransitExec NEMT software. Our cost-effective scheduling and dispatching software optimizes your routes and helps you save money and business time.


  • Full customer info, including SSN, Medicaid ID, and mobility.

  • Data encryption and storage meets HIPAA requirements.

  • Assign ride based on drivers and vehicles

  • Historical rides info

  • Easily review upcoming rides and modify recurring trips with easy-to-use calendar features.

  • Funding Sources info

Custom Reporting

TransitExec NEMT solution has powerful visualization, analytics & reporting tools. Automatically keeps track of your records by day, week, month and year. The administrator can create a custom report, slicing data date, by account, by the driver, by destination and gain powerful insights to identify and mitigate issues and to save money.

  • Gasoline Purchases

  • Repairs

  • Cost of Vehicle Operation

  • Employee Hours

  • Driver Activity

  • Active Customers

  • Deactivated Customers

  • Report Builder

  • View Custom Reports

Detailed Billing

We have developed a very easy-to-use, Internet-based detailed billing system. TransitExec provides you with the ability to customize your bills without having to have specific knowledge of accounting. All Bills and Reports are printable and exportable to Excel and Word formats.

Admin Dashboard

TransitExec allows you to easily schedule and dispatch NEMT rides, manage all daily paratransit tasks, generate and print the most commonly used reports in different formats.


  • Friendly and easy-to-use schedule viewer.

  • Easy customer, driver and other data importing.

  • Easy Billing.

  • Custom reports.

Driver Mobile App

This app is for drivers of companies that use TransitExec software.

The TransitExec Drivers’ App links the dispatcher to the driver with near real-time trip status updates.