Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Rates

The rates for non-emergency transportation can vary simply by the type of paratransit company and operation it follows:

1. The total mileage of the trip is the biggest factor in determining the rate.

2. The staff on board the vehicle is another factor. It could be an EMT or a paramedic, which would cost more than just a driver on board. Does the patient have a medical attendant along for the trip as well, that is also an extra charge. Some companies require two drivers if it is a long distance trip that would also factor into the rate.

3. Amenities on board the vehicles also factor into the rates. Ambulances have more equipment for patient care and will affect the trip rate. Some vehicles have luxury amenities such as private bathrooms and beds. Depending on the environment that is requested will significantly change the rates.

4. Lastly, the type of transportation affects the rate as well. There are several types of non-medical transportation, ground transport being the most popular and most inexpensive however, there is also air transport, commercial, cruise ship and etc.

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